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About us

Our nursery is located in the foothills of the western Pyrenees, near Pau (70 km from Spain or 200 km from Bordeaux). It is a region of hills covered with forests of oaks, chesnut trees and ashes, natural grassland and corn. 

Average annual temperature of 12.5 °C. The extremes to -6 to-8 °C, (rarely beyond of -9 °C) and 35 to 40 °C in summer (record 42,2 °C). Pluviometry around 800 to 1000 mm per year, with a maximum in the spring.

  All our plants are from seeds harvested in the native countries. Seedlings are cultivated in forestry tubes or full earth depending on species. They are available for sale 1 to 4 years after seeding. We produce essentially without chemical fertilizer. Seeds are from natural crops so the germination rate is very variable. Our seeds are stored in refrigerators and many short viability species are very seasonal.

We work on the preserving and germination of all kinds of seeds an we have an herbarium of over 10.000 samples of wild species seeds. For each we measure the number of units by gramme or kilo and we digitize it to have an image. The nursery is our source of income because this studies aren't profitable.